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Integrity, Professionalism and Product Knowledge are essential components in any successful sales transaction. Anyone can place an advertisement in a trade paper or on-line service. However, it is what happens when you receive a response, which is the most vital to the sale. As the sellers’ representative, Warbird Connection will pre-qualify the buyer, show/demo the aircraft, negotiate the best terms then bring the opportunity to you.


Purchasing a Vintage Aircraft or Warbird can be a daunting task. The aircraft specifications, origin, logs, damage history, chain of title, condition, modifications, ADs’, category and airworthiness, are just a few of the considerations. As a buyers representative or agent, Warbird Connection offers its’ exceptional experience in the field, to help mitigate the process.


Essential to the peace of mind of both buyer and seller is an accurate and impartial assessment of the condition of the aircraft. Warbird Connection offers this service to all purchasers, either as a part of the transaction or as an independent contractor. Fees for this service are based upon the type of aircraft. This service is a survey only and is not a valuation.


Warbird Connection offers its’ diverse expertise to assist, coordinate and mediate asset trades involving at least one aircraft. Assistance may include but is not limited to appraisal, title search and financing. Warbird Connections’ services will not include legal or tax consultation. Warbird Connection will not engage in transactions which require an exchange of stocks or securities.


Warbird Connection offers its experience and services in the coordination and execution of the auction of aircraft and parts. Warbird Connection charges a 10% buyers premium for this service.


Warbird Connection offers appraisal services on a contract basis and only on aircraft that we are not representing or have interest.


Warbird Connection offers this service as a part of our “Our Mission” is to promote aviation, and enlighten and educate the public. Warbird Connection will be happy to demonstrate company owned aircraft or arrange for the demonstration of represented aircraft for a variety of functions whenever possible.

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Warbirds and Vintage Aircraft come in many categories, Utility, Expermintal, Restricted etc. Warbird Connection may offer training and/or familiarity, ground and flight options to help facilitate the purchase, trade, or sale of a Warbird or Vintage Aircraft. This service is highly specialized, tailored, and is contracted separate from any other services.


Warbird Connection offers this service on a contracted basis only.


Warbird Connection recognizes and delights in its’ responsibility to contribute to the community and proudly reserves a portion of all net proceeds for the purpose of sponsorships, donations and gifts for deserving and accredited non-profit organizations and charities. Additionally, Warbird Connection will host, sponsor and help chartered 501-C3 organizations with expertise, aircraft and facilities when ever possible.


“Our Mission” is to help educate the current generations regarding the remarkable contribution American Aviation has had in the achievement of Prosperity, Liberty, and Freedom, that countless individuals around the world enjoy. Towards that goal, Warbird Connection, its’ partners and affiliates offer classes, tours, and demonstrations to private and public schools and to the public at large.


On a limited basis, Warbird Connection may know of, acquire and/or broker the sale of spare parts or inventories. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in sourcing hard to find items.

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