1942 BEECHCRAFT – 18 / C-45H

DESCRIPTION: This meticulously maintained aircraft has been extensively up-graded for safety and passenger comfort and is flown regularly. Over a four year period, the previous owner spent more than $250,000 "to make it right" including complete copilot instrumentation with backlit panel, low fuel pressure warning lights, low suction warning lights, multifunction digital clock with timer, oat, density altitude and l & r volt/amp gauges. The addition of an extended nose and fuel tank gives this aircraft a 250 total gallon capacity (Range @ Cruise 640 miles) and added baggage capacity. Aerocon spar strap, X-Ray due at 5455 hours. Prop AD 81-12-06 due 10/07

SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION UPON INSPECTION Max Speed 240 kts Cruise Speed 160 kts Range @ Cruise 640 miles @ 160 kts, no wind, VFR reserve 2 - 75 gallon forward mains 2 - 25 gallon aft mains 1 - 50 gallon nose tank Length 35' 11.5" Wingspan 49' 8"