Lockheed 12A Electra Jr.

SN 1226

Lockheed 12A

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Polished, Primed and Ready
(Fresh Annual)

A True Thoroughbred with an Impecable Pedigree

Truely, a Piece of Aeronautical History



A Unique Aircraft from the Golden Age

Mechanically Restored

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Lockheed 12A Engine
Lockheed 12A Engine
Lockheed 12A Cockpit
Lockheed 12A
Lockheed 12A
Lockheed 12A
Lockheed 12A
Lockheed 12A Cargo Hatch

Lockheed 12A NC18130, Returned Home!

Sporting its original N number, this legendary Lockheed 12A, NC18130, returned home after spending over 65 years and most of her flying days in Europe.

With an illustrious past full of fame and duty, her previous 25 years had been uneventful as she sat idly tucked in a hangar in central France. However the years had been kind to her and the aircraft was still very original and in remarkably good shape. Only 90 12As’ were produced and the limited use had now made her the lowest total time, L-12A in existence (TTAF 1850).

In the summer of 2007 Jim and Morgan Perry had engaged two U.S. A&P’s, purchased two chrome-packaged, completely overhauled and balanced R-985 engines from Aero Engines in Los Angeles (one of the top R-985 shops in the US) and brought them to the Valence-Chabeuil airport to rescue this historically rich aircraft. For 8 weeks they changed/overhauled the engine accessories and instruments, replaced all the hoses/lines and hung the new power-plants as well as exercising all the aircraft’s systems in an effort to get the plane ready for its return HOME. While bringing the plane to airworthiness, they discovered patches of the original cream and red “Gilmore Oil” livery colors and a sealed off fuel fitting used in 1937 to add a sixth fuel tank in order to fly in the Bendix Trophy Air Races without a refueling stop. They deregistered her with France and brought an FAA DAR from Frankfurt to reissue the FAA standard airworthiness certificate and U.S. registration. She once again was NC 18130!

By early September 2007 she was ready and Jim Perry took the pilots seat previously occupied by Lockheed’s famous developmental test pilot and world champion stunt pilot Milo Burcham as well as Howard Hughes’ primary flight instructor Charlie LaJotte and piloted the Electra Jr. back to America via France-England-Scotland-Iceland-Greenland and Canada, assisted on the historic journey by pilots Bob Gill, Joe Pritchard, and brother Morgan Perry.

On June 25th 2012 NC18130 turned 75!

Happy Birthday and Welcome Home!


Equipment List
Aircraft: Lockheed 12 A; S/N: 1226; Reg: NC18130
Item Manufacturer Model/comment Number
Engine (~90 hrs on each) Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN14-B 2
Propeller Hartzell HC B3Z 30 2E 2
Starter Eclipse Aviation   2
Magnetos Bosch   4
Generators Eclipse Aviation   2
Governors Hartzell   2
Fuel pumps OEM TF-900-5 2
Battery Gill G88 1
Auto pilot Sperry (inop.) 1
Radio King KX-170B 1
GPS Garmin GNC 250XL 1
Directional gyro Sperry   1
Turn and bank OEM   1
Radio compass Arc 21 A 1
EG analyzer OEM   1
Artificial horizon Sperry ANS 736 1
Altimeter - pilot OEM   1
Altimeter - copilot OEM   1
Airspeed indicator OEM   1
Oil pressure gauge Electric Auto Light Co. Army Type B8A; P/N: 10059A 2
Vertical speed indicator Pioneer 1634   1
Clock OEM   1
Outside air temp gauge OEM   1
Carb temp gauge OEM   2
Fuel pressure gauge OEM   2
Oil temp gauge OEM   2
Fuel quantity gauge OEM   3
VOR head King   1
Audio panel King KMA24 1
Transponder King KT76A 1
VOR/ILS King   1
Cylinder head temp gauge OEM   1
Mixture gauges OEM   2
Vacuum gauge OEM   1
Flap gauge OEM   1
Engine tach OEM   1
Seats Lockheed   8
Lavatory Lockheed   1
Whelen beacon Whelen   1
Ammeter OEM   2
Compass OEM   1
Fuel tank - left aux Lockheed   1
Cabin heat system Lockheed   1

Lockheed 12A